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Looking Ahead

It’s that time again: the time of year where we make resolutions! This year, mine is to write more. 2021 was an extremely difficult year for my family, and my creativity took a hit as I struggled with my mental health. I wanted desperately to release Lead Me Back, but as I attempted to write, I didn’t feel it was right. I have scrapped it and restarted it at least 4 times.

After NaNoWriMo, I decided to take a month-long break and let the story brew. I now feel a bit better about moving forward with the second part of Harper and Kyle's story, but it will require yet another rewrite. I hope that means it will be even better when it is ready for publishing. While the story might be a little late as far as publishing, we have a cover! The wonderful Emily Wittig Designs has done a fabulous job, and I cannot wait to reveal the cover to my readers after the new year!

On top of continuing the You and Me series, it is my goal to also work on The Light of the Magi series, as well as a blog series that will allow my readers to get to know my characters, worlds, and writing process better. There will be several changes to the website, including a members only section where I will share sneaks of the story, behind the scenes secrets, early access, and much more.

SO, with all that out of the way, here is a little update on what has been going on behind the scenes in my life. At the end of September, my little family made the move from Virginia to Washington. With 4 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 cats, it was quite the trip. To say it was exhausting was an understatement. However, we got to meet up with a few friends and see some incredible places along the way, setting foot in states we had never visited before on our 3,000 mile journey. Since we have settled, we have taken the time to visit places like Forks, La Push, Mt. Baker, Leavenworth, and more. Washington is absolutely gorgeous, and we have enjoyed our time so far.

Cooler weather has been a welcome relief. Since we moved here, my kids have not stopped asking when it was going to snow. We saw snow at Leavenworth and Mt. Baker, but there is something special about waking up and seeing snow outside in your own yard. Every night for a week, the kids prayed for snow.

Christmas morning, we awoke to rain and chilly temps. As we were opening presents, the rain stopped and the snow began to fall. The day after Christmas, we had at least 6 inches on the ground with temperatures in the teens and lower. For three days we have enjoyed the winter wonderland and all sorts of fun snowy activities such as sledding. While that means extra aches and pains for this mama, I wouldn’t trade it. Growing up in the South meant snow was rare, so we are soaking up the snow time we have here in our corner of the world while we can.

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and that you also have a happy New Year. I pray that 2022 is a better year, bringing you more of my stories than ever before.

God Bless,

Britaini Armitage

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