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I'm back!

Life has been nuts. The past year, I had so many big plans for my writing, but life got the best of me. Juggling 4 kids while my husband was deployed proved to be a full time job. On top of it, my daughter started having seizures, and our world was turned upside down. I had to learn to balance, not only my own health issues, but my daughter's as well. There were times I felt like I was barely hanging on. But we made it! Fourteen long months without my husband proved more challenging than I'd imagined, and I am so thankful we are together again.

A month ago, he returned, and within a week we packed and moved! This is the first time I have moved more than a few hours away from family, and it has taken some adjusting, especially for the kids. We managed to get moved right before the Covid-19 pandemic shut the country down, but it still made settling in a bit of a struggle. Finding groceries while everyone was in panic mode made me appreciate just how good it is to walk into a store and have the basics stocked on the shelves.

Now that we have found our new groove, I find that writing is something I can sit down and enjoy once again. My amazing cover artist has come up with a FANTASTIC cover for Hear Me Call, as well as some gorgeous teasers. I can't wait to reveal the cover to everyone, but for now, here is a little teaser from Hear Me Call!

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