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First post!

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to get the website up and running. Things have been nuts in our house with the move and prepping for my husband's upcoming deployment. Give Me Hope had to take a back seat for a bit so that we could focus on getting settled and unpacked, but now I am back at it. Not sure when it will release, but it will be before the end of the year. I am shooting for the end of November, but we will see. With 4 kids, writing time is precious. That being said, THANK YOU to everyone who has continued to support me.

Wedding bells are ringing for Ella and Elliott! They are finally getting married. With the press on their heels and the trauma of the past still fresh, they both know life won't always be rainbows and butterflies. They are determined to grab onto a shred of happiness and normalcy.

Elliott has waited patiently as Ella healed from the physical and emotional trauma of her kidnapping. Though Ella still doesn't recall their life together before her ordeal, she has no doubts that Elliott is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. They are ready to close the dark chapters in their pasts and focus on the future. The wedding is just the beginning.

'The scene was breath taking, but all of that soon faded.He looked up as the doors opened and Lilly and Claire moved down the aisle. Then Ella appeared in the doorway, and Elliott saw nothing else. Delicate lace covered her arms, and the gown hugged her small figure. The veil covered her face, but Elliott could see the smile on her lips. They had endured so much to get to that moment, and neither wanted to forget it.'

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