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Meet the characters from the You and Me Series...


Elliott Quinn left his life as a Navy SEAL in exchange for the world of personal security. After leaving the Navy, he founded his own security company, Dark Wolf, employing other SEALS and prior military and law enforcement. He is good at what he does, boasting a successful career. ​


When he is given the opportunity to protect billionaire Ella Parker, he doesn't realize that his world is about to tilt on its axis. He finds himself drawn to this young woman, and discovers that she just may be the person to help him finally find his faith again. ​


In his world, following the rules can mean the difference between life and death, and falling in love with someone is his charge breaks more than one of those rules. 


Founder and CEO of Parker Enterprises, Ella Parker is one of the richest people in the world. However, she hasn't let her money go to her head. She is dedicated to giving, to helping others, and is a genuinely kind soul. 

After losing her parents, Ella focused her energies into growing her business and leaned on her faith to get her through the trials in life. While she is kind and giving, she also is guarded, trusting only a few people with the intimate details of her life... 

Until Elliott Quinn enters and shatters the walls she has put around her life and heart.


Character info coming soon...


Character info coming soon...

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