Princess Briala sacrificed herself to save others and died. Given a rare opportunity, she returns to continue her journey to fulfill her destiny as the Light. However, her brush with death has left her plagued with flashbacks, nightmares, and hallucinations. Darkness is closing in, and the war rages on in Gaban. Briala must learn to live with the repercussions of her actions at Mount Secrets and her decision from In Between if she hopes to defeat Lord Cerin, end the war, and reunite the world of magi and humans once more. 

Guilt weighs heavily on Prince Niam’s conscience as he attempts to help Briala cope with the aftermath of the injuries she suffered to save him. Protecting her becomes even more difficult—their enemies multiply, others hide among them, and those uneasy with Briala’s conflicting destinies voice their concerns. However, the battle inside Briala’s mind is more precarious, and he struggles to keep her safe as the shadows draw nearer with each passing day. 

Nothing is the same, and danger lurks at every turn. A dark new power grows within the princess—one that threatens to burn untamed and plunge her and Gaban into the darkness.