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Princess Briala of Abberbethia was supposed to be the Light of the magi, destined to save realm of Gaban, but her brush with death and the evil Lord Cerin has left her haunted by the shadows. Her death and return blurred the lines of her destiny, and she must find a way to keep the Darkness at bay if she has any hope of reuniting the worlds of magi and human and saving Gaban from destruction.

Guilt weighs heavily on Prince Niam’s conscience as he attempts to help Briala heal and cope with the aftermath of her injuries. The shadows are lurking, and the battle inside Briala’s mind is more precarious than he ever imagined. Nothing is the same, their enemies multiply, and danger lurks at every turn.

A dark new power grows within the princess—one that threatens to burn untamed and plunge her and Gaban into the darkness.

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