March 7, 2019

After everything they’ve endured, all Ella Parker and Elliott Quinn want is to get married and enjoy a quiet life together. They welcome whatever bit of normalcy they can get in a world where Ella’s billions have made her a target in the past, and happy endings aren’t promised. 

However, Ella is thrust into the spotlight once more when her abductor finally stands trial for his crimes, and there are those who would go to great lengths to get her story. The couple’s lives soon crash down around them, forcing them to face a tragedy that tests their marriage, their faith, and leaves Elliott questioning his ability to protect his wife. 

Will their love be enough to see them through, or will heartache, fear, and vengeance tear them apart forever?




Billionaire Ella Parker has always been strong, focused, and independent. As the founder and CEO of Parker Enterprises and one of the world’s youngest billionaires, she doesn’t have time for love or the drama that comes with being New Orleans’ most eligible bachelorette. When mysterious threats surface, Ella is forced to take on additional security and hire a full-time protection detail. When former Navy SEAL and security expert Elliott Quinn enters her life, she finds that her priorities are shifting, and just maybe she can take a chance on love.

After leaving the Navy, Elliott turned his expertise into a lucrative business, taking on Ella’s job due to his connections with her past. He has always been married to his work, but despite their best efforts, he soon finds Ella breaking down the walls he worked so hard to build around himself. An intense attraction draws them together, but Elliott knows that breaking the rules and falling for those he is charged with protecting can be a matter of life or death. 

Clinging to her faith, Ella knows that she has to trust that everything is a part of a greater plan. Elliott isn't sure what he believes in anymore. Both have endured loss and are longing to fill a need within. As the threats against Ella mount, will Elliott be able to protect the woman he has fallen in love with, and will Ella escape with both her life and her heart?


Ella Parker’s life is spinning out of control. When she wakes up in the hospital broken and beaten, she has no memory of Elliott Quinn, her fiancé, and no memory of her brutal kidnapping and torture. However, haunting wisps and nightmares of her captivity and panic attacks leave her unable to live her life as she did before. Despite her attempts to move forward with her life and heal from the trauma she has endured, the threats against her continue. Though she doesn’t remember him, Elliott just may be the one person who can keep her from losing her sanity and help her find her faith again.

As Elliott watches the love of his life struggle to cope with the physical and mental damage from her ordeal, he walks a fine line with giving Ella time to get to know him again and wanting to hold her close and leave the past behind them. Desperate to help her in any way possible, he gives her the space she needs to cope while slowly edging himself back into her life. When she lets the walls down, Elliott holds on to the hope that he can still have a life and future with the woman he loves.

The past has a way of catching up to Ella and Elliott, and they both know it they will have to face it head on if they have any hope for a future.


Princess Briala sacrificed herself to save others and died. Given a rare opportunity, she returns to continue her journey to fulfill her destiny as the Light. However, her brush with death has left her plagued with flashbacks, nightmares, and hallucinations. Darkness is closing in, and the war rages on in Gaban. Briala must learn to live with the repercussions of her actions at Mount Secrets and her decision from In Between if she hopes to defeat Lord Cerin, end the war, and reunite the world of magi and humans once more. 

Guilt weighs heavily on Prince Niam’s conscience as he attempts to help Briala cope with the aftermath of the injuries she suffered to save him. Protecting her becomes even more difficult—their enemies multiply, others hide among them, and those uneasy with Briala’s conflicting destinies voice their concerns. However, the battle inside Briala’s mind is more precarious, and he struggles to keep her safe as the shadows draw nearer with each passing day. 

Nothing is the same, and danger lurks at every turn. A dark new power grows within the princess—one that threatens to burn untamed and plunge her and Gaban into the darkness.

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

Hans Christian Andersen


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