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Taylor Fulton is no stranger to suffering and trials. Living with chronic health issues and profound hearing loss has taught her that faith and family are the only things she can count on. After her parents are killed in a car crash years before, she has moved forward, determined to live life as normally as possible and to rely on no one else except her younger sister.

Former SEAL turned personal security officer Ryan Greene has dedicated his life to protecting others. However, he knows there is more to life than money and his career. After seeing his friends and fellow SEALs find love, he yearns for the same. With the demands of his job, he isn’t sure he will ever find it. When Taylor crashes into his life, both can sense a deeper connection than mere chemistry. 

As Ryan works to chip away the walls around Taylor’s heart, threats loom, putting her life in jeopardy. Determined to save the woman who has stolen his heart, he will do anything to keep her safe. 

But there are dangers that even he can’t protect her from. Can Ryan save her, or will he lose Taylor forever?

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